Standard tractor with 6-cylinder FPT engine, max. 355 hp, max. 1,695 Nm (ECE R 120) and 8.7 liter displacement.
Fuel tank max. 640 l, urea tank max. 56 l.
CMATIC continuously variable transmission.
REVERSHIFT electronic reverser.

Standard configuration

Max power 355 hp, rated power according to homol. 360 HP, ECE R 120 (good for Mzuri Pro-Til 6T Select)
Large pre-filter for fuel
White fuel
Side stabilizers on the lower links,
Mechanical top link, hook
Standard exhaust cover
Cab with 4-point suspension
Rear wiper
Mechanical mirror
Rear fender extensions 2.75 m
2 replacement high beam headlights, A-pillar
Halogen work lights
Comfort armchair, fabric, cushioned. semi-active, with heating, rotary
Passenger seat with seat belt
Automatic air conditioning, with cat. 3 preparation
1 LED beacon, left
CLAAS front linkage
Without 3-point cast iron weight
Service terminal
Load sensing hydraulics,
Gear ratio 40 km/h
Front axis
PTO 1000 ECO + 1000 rpm
PTO shaft,
Electronic linkage control (EHR),
Rear linkage lower links, cat. 3 hitch hook
Drawbar, lower agricultural
transport hitch,
Hitch ladder with space for a towing hitch
Pneumatic brake system
Battery master switch
4 electro-hydraulic proportional control valves

    Call and ask about actual price offer: +255 659 707 707

    1. FPT engine with max. output of 355 hp (in accordance with ECE R 120)
    2. Continuously variable CMATIC transmission
    3. 50 or 40 km/h at reduced engine speed
    4. Rear wheels: diameter up to 2.15 m
    5. Overall length just 5.60 m
    6. 1000 ECO PTO
    7. Up to eight spool valves
    8. Parallelogram-sprung front axle with integral brake
    9. Fully integrated front linkage with up to 6.5 t lift capacity
    10. Mechanical 4-point cab suspension
    11. Up to 20 work lights, including up to four Xenon lights
    12. GPS PILOT automatic steering system

    Call and ask about actual price offer: +255 659 707 707

    Good for Mzuri Pro-Til 6T Select

    Call and ask about actual price offer: +255 659 707 707

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