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First MZURI PRO-TIL 3T SELECT machine in Tanzania. Suma JKT, Dar es Salaam, March 2022.

MZURI the new solution for world EN


Mzuri Pro-Til – technology for tomorrow is available today (with description)


    1. Optional front discs for cutting through residues left on the surface.
    2. Hydraulically secured tines loosen a narrow strip of soil and clean the seedbed from crop residues and ensure good root development.
    3. Placing the fertiliser in a loosened strip in the immediate vicinity of the sown seeds reduces the required starting dose and provides immediate access to nutrients.
    4. Consolidating wheels arranged in 2 rows, reconsolidate the soil in the cultivated strip and prepare the seedbed.
    5. The hydraulic pressure of each individual seeding section guarantees the safe and accurate following of the ground contours.
    6. Individual depth adjustment and pressure for each sowing coulter’s wheel.
    7. Skimming harrow.

    Instructions for the preparation and proper use of the Mzuri Pro-Til 3T, 4T, 6T machine

    Assembly, training and sowing by MZURI PRO-TIL 3T SELECT

    First time in Tanzania, March 2022

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