MZURI Pro-Til 4T Select

Mzuri Pro-Til Select makes it possible to change row distances and the width of the inter-row space at the touch of a button, by switching on and off every second section. Mzuri Pro-Til Select allows sowing in wide-spaced rows for plants such as maize or oilseed rape. Wide spacing provides plants with very good access to sunlight, reduces competition between them and eliminates the problem of plant residue collecting between the machine’s working parts. With all sections it’s possible to prepare rows for sowing cereals, oilseed rape, legumes, phacelia and others.

The key characteristics of Mzuri Pro-Til 4T Select

  • fast and easy row distance changes;
  • hydraulically protected tilling teeth and seeding coulters;
  • variable sowing amount;
  • single and two row coulters;
  • RDS Artemis touch-based management computer;
  • hydraulic-powered fan;
  • seed flow control;
  • hydraulically controlled following harrow;
  • semi-pneumatic seed packer;
  • independently moveable coulters with controlled compacting wheel (thin and wide).

Product information of Mzuri Pro-Til 4T Select

Working depth:0-255 mm
Number of rows:11/6
Seed flow control:standard
Fan drive:hydraulic
Fertilizer / seeds %:40/60
Row spacing:36.3/72.6 cm
Road lighting:in standard
Hopper capacity:3600 l
Working speed (km/h):6-13 km/h
Working width:4 m
Transport width:2.95 m
Power requirement (min.):200 hp

Completed with harrow option.

The new machine warranty: 12 months

Call and ask about actual price offer: +255 659 707 707

Disc option

Front discs cut straw and other crop residues on the soil surface, at the same time moving them to both sides of the cultivated belt. They are mounted on the frame independently. They guarantee good drainage of residue from the cultivating belt and preparation of soil for working the loosening elements. Hydraulic disks are equipped with rubber shock absorbers. This is a protection against damage to the working organs of the entire assembly.

Narrow wheel kit option

A set of optional narrow pressure wheels guarantees optimal contact of the seed with the soil. The kit includes complete pressure wheels with a hub.

Central lubrication system

Central lubrication system is used with MZURI drills to extend machines life and limit time for getting machine ready for work. It allows to reduce effort and safe time for everyday service. Technical advancement of MZURI machines requires the use of multiple joints of working elements. Most of these joints are articulated or rotary. MZURI aggregates have been adapted to work in the toughest soil conditions, what is connected with big static and impact loads. Impact loads cause the most wear of articulated joints such as pin in glacier bush or the glacier bush. To ensure the highest reliability and efficiency working parts need to be lubricated very often. When time is short, central lubrication system helps. It consist of:

  • electric, programmable piston pump with grease tank;
  • set of dividers precisely dispensing the right amount of grease for each pin individually, each divider is responsible for 8 to 16 lubrication points;
  • set of guide wires transporting grease directly to pins of mechanical knobs;
  • hydraulic fittings for easy connecting hydraulic wires;
  • tube for clean filling of the grease tank.

There is a system for controlling the blockage of the grease flow. In the event of a blockage in one of the joints, the system stops working. This is indicated by throwing a some amount of grease through the safety valve located on the feed pump. The lubrication system allows to set lubrication time and delay time between greasing what enable to determine the right amount of grease in a very precise way. The system is automatically switched on after connecting power cord.

Call and ask about actual price offer: +255 659 707 707

Type of delivery: EXW Śmielin, Poland
Payment: 100% prepayment
Term of realization: 4 weeks
Shipping to Tanzania: 6 weeks

Mzuri Pro-Til 4T Select. Shaaban Mussa Mgonja, Jacek ‘Hodża’ Paciorek. Śmielin, Poland, 2020.

Example tractor for Mzuri Pro-Til 4T Select

Call and ask about actual price offer: +255 659 707 707

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