Standard configuration

Max power 235 hp, rated power according to homol. 228 hp, ECE R 120 (good for Mzuri Pro-Til 4T Select)
Fuel pre-filter
Main battery switch, electronic
White fuel
Standard exhaust cover
Cab with 4-point suspension
Rear wiper
Mechanical mirror
Rear wheel fender extensions
Terminal rail, right side window
Additional sockets
2 replacement high beam headlights, A-pillar
Custom tail lights, hal. with warning signs
Halogen work lights: 4x front roof, 4x rear roof
Illuminate working halls: 2x at the front, 2x at the back, 2x on the steps
Colour, CLAAS green
Comfort seat, fabric, air-sprung
Passenger seat with seat belt
Air conditioning, with cat. 3 preparation
Cigarette lighter and ashtray
Leather steering wheel
Right-hand traffic
1 LED beacon, left
Swiveling front fenders, 620 mm
600/65 R28 standard tires / fixed rim
710/70 R38 standard tires / fixed rim
CLAAS front linkage 5.8 t
Without 3-point cast iron weight
CIS with color display
24/24 gears, HEXASHIFT, HEXACTIV, 2 memories/limits number of turns
Without preparation for AUTO PILOT/GPS PILOT
CLAAS communication module (LTE)
TELEMATICS basic license – 1 year
Without Electropilot
Electronic linkage control (EHR), standard
Rear linkage lower links, category 3 hooks
Side stabilizers on the lower links, automatic
Mechanical top link, cat. 3 hook
Hitch rail with pendulum hitch guide
Towing hitch, lower agricultural cat. 3
Transport hitch, automatic, with a pin diameter of 38 mm
Set of bullets, cat. 3/3
Pneumatic brake system (2-circuit), with dryer
No hydraulic brake system
Single pedal
4 mechanical control valves (CIS)
Gearbox without creep speed
Gear ratio 40 km/h
PROACTIV front axle
Standard rear axle
PTO 540/540 ECO + 1000 rpm
PTO shaft, 6 splines and 21 splines, 1 3/8”

Equipment options

Load Sensing hydraulics, variable pump 205 l/min, 200 bar

Call and ask about actual price offer: +255 659 707 707

Good for Mzuri Pro-Til 4T Select

Call and ask about actual price offer: +255 659 707 707

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